Focus on Security

Protecting our selves, families, communities, and ideals is an ever-changing process.  360 Focus wants you to clearly understand that, so you can know who to trust and what to do...


Our website has complete security, with every page protected by an SSL/TLS security token the ensure you get to your intended page and the point-to-point connection with 2048-bit encryption.

To add even more features and ease, we encourage you to securely sign in with your unique account details, so ONLY YOU can get to your work.



With the additional protection of matching account and password, you can reach more information, services, and still maintain your security!



We only use your contact details to update you, as you have asked us and NEVER share it with ANY third party. 



We add even more security protection by using 'walk-away' timeouts to automatically lock your account after a specified period.

We try to make it long enough to not be annoying while you work, but also shrink the window of risk, should you walk away or stop working.



You may opt for features or services from reputable third parties, such as PayPal, Google, Apple, or Samsung, but 360 NEVER initiates the connections you request, only ensures the security is there.


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