Focus on Privacy

Protecting our privacy is important to each of us, so we want you to know how we help you...



Wherever we are using your preferences to enhance your experience, we protect it's privacy by only showing it after you have securely signed in with the correct identity and password.  


As further protection, we lock any account after a risky number of unsuccessful attempts.  This helps prevent hackers, as your account remains locked until you approve it a your preset contact number or email address. 


We only contact you when there is a security risk or pre-approved information.  


We follow industry-standard best practices in ensuring your privacy (including EU GDPR requirements)


Your personal information is NEVER given to any third party, including PayPal, Google, Apple, or Samsung.

Any passing of control is secured by using de-identified 'tokens' that are unreadable  (i.e. at least 32 alpha-numeric characters in a unique combination) but link your accounts for securely providing your approved services.


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