Present to Board

Today you present your idea, fully described and 'ready for business' to those who can help you make it happen!


Submission: At lease 7 days before your appearance before the regularly scheduled monthly 360 Executive Board, you must submit your completed proposal. This ensures that each board member will have enough time to read, thoroughly understand, and be ready to discuss, question, and evaluate your proposal during your presentation.

Direct Presentation: You will up to have 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to present, expand, clarify, and instill confidence in your proposal. The board may elect to ask questions, clarify, advise, or otherwise respond to your written and verbal presentation for up to an additional 15 minutes.

Vote and Decision: You will be advised of the outcome before you leave the Board Meeting.  The outcomes will be one of three decisions:

  1. Acceptance of your proposal: Congratulations, you have a great idea, well thought out and, documented and presented!  You will be given access to the Sponsors area of our online services and additional resources to ensure your progression toward success. You will now have direct contact with 360 staff, including a specific Mentor and support team.
  2. Request for Clarification: Your idea and presentation are great and merit further clarification or detail, before it can progress to 'Sponsored' status, where actual work begins. This is just to maintain the highest standards of outcomes, limit less-efficient investment of time, money, and effort. In doing so, 360 can actually provide faster progress and better outcomes. We encourage you to re-present your proposal, once the suggested clarifications or updates are documented.
  3. Pass: Occasionally, a proposal is simply not a good fit with 360's focus or mission or timing, which is no negative reflection on the value of your idea or work, just that we would most likely not be able to guide you to the success you deserve and work toward.

Next Steps

Once approved, your proposal will move to the second of the three stages to success, where you will:

  • Gain access to Sponsor areas, information, resources, and contacts
  • Learn how (and when) to use all the new tools, on your way to success
  • Work with our guidance and assistance, while we co-develop your idea

You will be guided, mentored, and will build it and take full ownership, as things progress.

Let's move on...


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