Managing Life

Managing life can be difficult, complex, and risky.

It should also be rewarding, fun, and do-able.


Some people 'just know what they want' at all times.  The rest of us need to stop and think a little.



First is the Circle of Influence.

Second is Maslow's Heirarchy of Human Needs.

We should also know about the SMART method.

We'd also like to show the Rubik Method.



Circle of Influence

Stephen R. Covey explains that we should only try to change things we CAN, accept the things we CANNOT, and try to influence the things we MIGHT.

Everything else is a waste of time, energy, or stress.






This method leads us to manage our goals that are:

  • long-, intermediate-, and short-term
  • difficult but realistic
  • specific
  • measurable
  • timely


Yes, like a Rubik Cube.

It has three options, in each of three dimensions.  Each side or face has nine visible squares.  Each dimension (height, width, and depth) can represent an overarching commonality (like outcome, investment, priority) for all the squares visible on that face.  Each face represents a balance of each dimension, and each square on that side a set of options or balance that we could choose to follow.




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