How You Benefit

Essentially, 360 Focus is how we do one thing: Think Clearly.

As a result, everything else simply works better for you.

Better Results

By knowing what you need, then how to go about getting it, we actually get measurably better results.

Like beginning a car trip with a map, my knowing where we are going and the best route, we actually get there better.

Less Work

Knowing how we will go about getting what we need, we don't have to 'try this' or waste effort on things that simply don't work as well.

Whether in business, building, or baking, gathering all your tools and materials at the start means less of the wasteful 'back-and-forth' effort

Saved Money

By now, we can see how thinking clearly can save time and work.  Money is simply the other valuable resource that we have to make things.

Investing wisely prevents wastage, whether in perishable food, storage of inventory, or simply buying the wrong things. 

Questions and Answers

What IS 360?


360 Focus is a not-for-profit private foundation that is dedicated to making our world a little better, via improved understanding, communication, and collaboration.

How does 360 make money?

If you mean, 'how does 360 make a profit?', the answer is is that it doesn't; as a not-for-profit isn't intended to.

Of course, it needs to cover it's operating costs and ability to fund work it sponsors.  Those funds come from its' founders as well as private work with select clients who pay for it's valuable guidance and tools, as any consultancy does.  The biggest difference is that 360 Focus carefully screens client requests, only accepting those that meet its requirements of social responsibility, benefit-to-risk conditions, and global benefit.

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What is Simply Better Me?


Simply Better Me is a project to increase the individual ability, happiness, and relationships that are necessary for a better life for us all.

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