Day One

Today is Day One.

Yes, it is the day we start something new, something better, but it is also how we can measure and actually see your beneficial results.

To make sure you are successful, we will use a few proven, basic ideas.  And some common language, but perhaps with better clarity to be sure we are 100% 'on the same page'.


Simplify: By removing all but the few, most essential points, we can more easily manage the work we have to do.  Once the top item is 'in the works', we can do the same process for the next most important thing, as so on.

We break large, complex things into smaller, easier-to-manage ones.

Process: A single method that works on most things and is simply repeated over until it succeeds.

Threes: By giving us enough options to represent the full range, yet be small enough to easily manage, we can balance time, money and effort. Three is the number we use.


Intention: Many people do what they do, because that's how someone showed them. For others, that is what they have always done, and are comfortable with it. Some are simply so overwhelmed, that they just do something, and hope for the best.

Intention is the opposite. We make our best choices, do our best work, and are most in control when we understand the situation, what we can do about it, and choose the course that is most likely to give us what we need.

Iterations: when we have truly good process, we can repeat them on each of the simple (see Basics #1) things we need to do. Looping through them in order of priority allows us to learn one small thing and infinitely re-use it to simply get what we need.


Just like with learning, there is a simple method to becoming really good at something new:

  • See someone explain and do it
  • Do it yourself with guidance and assistance while we are mastering it
  • Practice to make the skill so 'automatic' that don't have to think about it, anymore
Let's move on...


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