Clearly Describe

Success depends upon great ideas, carried out well and at the right time.

Let's start by clearly describing what it is we want to:

  • do (how we want to go about this)
  • get (what we hope to gain with this)
  • build (what we will have, when done)

Let's look at the easiest, yet best way to organise this.


Process: How it works, turning work into benefit.

Client: Who needs this, how they benefit, and the 'value proposition' for them.

Sustainability: How this will keep itself running, growing, and benefitting its people.



Resources: Describe how much time, money, skill, or labour will be vital in actually delivering this.

Process: When we have truly good process, we can repeat them on each of the simple (see Basics #1) things we need to do. Looping through them in order of priority allows us to learn one small thing and infinitely re-use it to simply get what we need.



Success requires us to monitor our progress toward the goal and adjust as necessary.

  • Progress toward the goal, in measurable steps, within allocated resources.
  • Achievability enables us to change quickly, when things are not working as needed.
  • Value is where the outcome is worth more than the investment costs.


Let's move on...


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