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360 Focus was founded by Terry Hoffman and Phil Mizzi in 2008 to solve problems quickly.  Working in government at the time, we found that good projects were delayed by bureaucracy, endless meetings, and lack of clarity, as you might expect.

360 refers to the complete visibility in all directions, to ensure choices are well-informed (for no surprises).  Focus is how we work, to ensure effective outcomes, efficient investment of time, money, and effort, in meaningful work.



Our mission has evolved over time, boiling down to the critical essence:

Our Mission is to change our world for the better by enabling simple, proven-effective ways of efficiently working on worthwhile projects that add value to our lives and those we value.



We use a three-tier partnership model. 

  1. We partner with others who have their own agenda, priorities, and goals
  2. We provide resources and guidance for those partners whose goals align with ours
  3. We increase awareness of the possibilities and processes available  for global citizens 



We use several overlapping yet simple 3-step methods, to ensure nothing is missed in our quest for enabling you to get what you most value.


  1. Know what will most improve your life
  2. Develop a strategy or way of actually getting that
  3. Create steps that can be completed, measured, and deliver your better life


  1. Know what you want things to be like, when completed
  2. Ready or not, just DO it. You can make it better in the next iteration.
  3. Fix just what is 'broken' or not working and try again.  By the third iteration, it should be pretty good  


  1. Have a clear picture of the outcome
  2. List all resources and tasks that are required to achieve it, in the most efficient sequence
  3. Schedule all resource availability and work to eliminate unnecessary waiting

"There IS a better way to do it.  Find it."

-Thomas A. Edison


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